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Nikko Teddy Bear House is located: less than 7 minute-drive from Toshogu Shrine, Shinkyo Bridge, and Rinoji Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage); only a five-minute stroll to the Kirifuri Waterfall; and a few minutes drive to Ogurayama Natural Hot Springs. 

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Nikko Teddy Bear House

1543-507 Tokorono, Nikko-city, Tochigi-prefecture, Japan 321-1421 International calls 81-288-25-3022 | domestic calls 0288-25-3022 WhatsApp ID Chuck 81-80-9532-77

                          International calls 81-288-25-3022 | domestic calls 0288-25-3022 

WhatsApp ID Chuck 81-80-9532-7716